Discover the difference a classical Christian education can make for your child and family. This is an exciting time whether your child is entering kindergarten or you are searching for a different option for your older student. We are honored by your consideration and look forward to getting to know your family through the admission process.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all


Why Kalos Christian Academy?

Kalos Christian Academy prioritizes who your child is over what they know and is more concerned with who they will become than what job they will have in the future. We invite you and your child into the Great Conversation, to learn from those who have come before, and to interact thoughtfully with the ideas that have shaped society from a Biblical worldview.

Are we a good fit for your family?

Parents, you have a Biblical mandate to educate your children. At Kalos Christian Academy, we believe that you are the primary authority concerning your child’s education. Kalos Christian Academy aims to partner with you by providing a quality educational experience in a school environment. It is our privilege to operate with delegated authority, in loco parentis, to assist you in fulfilling this responsibility through classical Christian education. Our four-day model is designed to provide quality classical Christian education at school Tuesday through Friday and a day at home for quality family time. Monday’s home instruction days are meant to be a time to engage in the Great Conversation with your child, dive into a living book together, practice content that is challenging your child, and play. Frequent communication between parents and educators is the foundation of consistent training-up of the child at home by the parent and at school. This type of partnership necessitates that parents agree with the school’s mission, core values, and educational goals.  

The admissions process:

  1. Application – Kalos Christian Academy is accepting applications for the next three school years. The 2023 – 2024 school year will be Kalos Christian Academy’s founding year. This poses a unique opportunity to build our school community in a special way. You will need to create a secure account within our student management system. Your information is secure and not shared outside of our organization. There is no application fee.
  2. Family Interview – A family interview (in-person or using an online video platform) will be scheduled upon submission of a complete application, application fee, and supporting documents. Both parents (if applicable) and the applicant(s) are to attend the interview.
  3. Enrollment – After completion of the family interview and the decision for acceptance or denial will be made by the Admissions Committee. We seek students of exemplary character who demonstrate a willingness to learn and whose parents’ goals and values align with those of the school. Once a student has been offered admission to Kalos Christian Academy, parents will have two weeks to complete the enrollment packet and submit their deposit to secure their student’s seat. 

Kalos Christian Academy desires to attract and serve a diverse group of Christian families, employees, and students to build a community that lives in agreement with our core values and statement of faith. Kalos Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnicity and operates in agreement with the ACCS Statement on Ethnic Harmony.