Kalos Leadership

Our administration, faculty, and staff are dedicated to leading Kalos Christian Academy’s students to be free thinkers who love the Lord Jesus Christ. Discipleship of our students to love the Lord, with their heads, hearts, and hands. We are dedicated to humbly serving parents in the education of their children with a classical Christian education.

By starving the sensibility of our pupils we only make them easier prey to the propagandist when he comes. For famished nature will be avenged and a hard heart is no infallible against a soft head.

C.S. Lewis – The Abolition of Man

Board of Directors

Brenda Risner, Board Chair

As a Culture Coach and Leadership Trainer, Brenda Risner works with leaders and teams to build and maintain healthy work cultures where employees are happier, work together better, and produce better results.

Anne Reddekopp, Board Secretary

Anne is a mother and grandmother with a deep love for Charlotte Mason’s education philosophy.

Tim Lawson, Pastoral Leadership

Tim is the senior pastor at Winnwood Baptist Church, a father of three, and sees the growing need in our culture for Christian education.

Faculty and Staff

Amber Kaspar, Head of School and Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, Kansas State University

Amber is passionate about classical Christian education, and she founded Kalos Christian Academy in 2023. Growing children in admiration and nurture of the Lord through an education in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is her inspiration for Kalos Christian Academy.

Grammar School, The Art of Speaking Well

Amy Gay, Office Manager and Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, Iowa State University

Amy loves languages. The Spanish culture and language are dear to her heart. She spent a year at Universidad de Valencia, Valencia, España and learned much of the culture, the history, and the language. She also spent time in Mexico and Puerto Rico and enjoyed speaking cross-culturally and sharing the love of Christ. 

Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Grammar Spanish, Latin

Deborah Boetig, Teacher

Master of Health Administration, Cornell University

Deborah holds degrees in Biology (BS Rutgers University) and Administration (MHA Cornell University). She is a Charlotte Mason homeschooling mama to five amazing children and is passionate about quality Christian education that awakens the soul. One of her favorite ways to experience God is through His Creation – whether that be in nature, through a great living book, or in the science classroom. Deborah brings her Charlotte Mason experience and approach to Kalos and enjoys seeing her students delight in Creation.

Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Grammar Nature Study

Emily Duffey, Teacher

Latin I, Latin II, Medieval Humanities

Matthew Tabke, Teacher

Master of Divinity, Western Seminary

Old Testament, Church History, American History and Government

Neopi Kipgen, Teacher

Master of Theology, Hindustan Bible Institute and College

A Ph.D. student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Neopi is passionate about teaching and discipleship, with special attention to the younger generation.

New Testament