Secondary Courses

Kalos Christian Academy offers some a la carte options to serve our homeschool community. We are working on securing more course opportunities and will post them as they become available. Please check this page frequently for updated course offerings. If you have any questions about a course, please email them to

Course Descriptions

Honors Biology

Honors Biology is a laboratory-based high school course. The course uses the Discovering Design with Biology text by Dr. Paul Madtes Jr and Dr. Jay L. Wile, published by Berean Builders. Students are expected to read the assigned text before gathering each week in class. During class, we will discuss the readings, review concepts, and complete lab experiments.

Textbook description from Berean Builders:

Discovering Design with Biology is a laboratory-based high school biology course is the first biology course a college-bound student should take.  It gives the student an introduction to how living organisms are designed, how they interact with one another, and how they interact with their physical environment. Students are taught how biologists classify life, the chemical processes that make life possible, the structures of RNA and DNA, and the designs of the different cells found in living organisms.  Students also learn the means by which photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and cellular reproduction occur. They then learn the current state of biotechnology.  With the molecular and cellular basis of life covered, the students are then given a survey of the different kinds of organisms found in nature: archaea, bacteria, protists, fungi, invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants. The students then learn the biogeochemical cycles that keep environments hospitable to life, which leads to a discussion of ecosystems. Throughout the course, students see that life is the result of design and that organisms have been given the ability to adapt to their surroundings. In addition, they learn various problems associated with the modern evolutionary synthesis.

The experiments include extracting DNA from fruit, examining the effects of temperature and pH on enzymes, exploring osmosis and diffusion, building a pedigree, culturing bacteria, growing and examining fungi, and analyzing the structure of a feather.  In addition, there are several experiments that explore the microscopic world, including identifying the stages of mitosis, studying live bacteria that were cultured by the student, identifying budding in yeast, and analyzing the microscopic structure of plants and animals. There are also four dissection experiments: the earthworm, crayfish, fish, and frog.

Grading: Students will be graded on class participation, homework, laboratory reports/notebook, quizzes, and tests.

High School Credit: This course is the equivalent of one high school credit in laboratory science.

Grade Level: 9th – 12th  

Schedule: Friday, 9:00 – 10:30 AM

Term: September 8, 2023 – May 24, 2024

Price: $470 + $100 lab fee. Includes textbook, lab notebook, and lab supplies. **There may be some labs completed at home with basic household items that are NOT provided (for example, measuring cups, rulers, etc.)

Latin I

This is an introductory course to Latin suitable for students with no Latin experience as well as those with rudimentary exposure.  This class will utilize the Orberg (spoken) method with cross-application of English grammar reinforcement. The primary text will be Lingua Latina per se Illustrata by Orberg. This course will introduce students to the basic concepts of the Latin language via investigation, discovery, memorization, and application. Supplementary materials will be provided by the teacher to help work through the grammatical and linguistic concepts while incrementally introducing students to the art of spoken Latin, reinforced by reading adapted and unadapted classical works. The class will be divided to accommodate various ability and skill levels as necessary (based on enrollment). This class will utilize Google Classrooms to help facilitate learning throughout the week.

Grading: Students will be graded on participation, homework, and quizzes/tests.

Grade Level: 6th-12th, divided (as necessary)

Schedule: Wednesday, 10:35-11:35 AM

Term: September 8, 2023-May 24, 2024

Price: $470 includes textbook and student materials

Christian Leadership

This Christian Leadership course is designed to equip and inspire students to become effective leaders with a Christ-centered worldview. Students will explore the biblical principles that govern leadership and discover practical approaches to implementing them in all areas of their lives.
Through engaging activities, group discussions, and real-life scenarios, students will learn how to make sound decisions, build positive relationships, inspire others, and lead with integrity.
Topics covered in this course include Biblical leadership principles, servant leadership, conflict resolution, communication skills, teamwork, goal setting, time management, personal growth, and character development. In addition, the course will also explore the leadership of prominent Christian leaders throughout history and the contemporary world.
At the end of this course, students will have a thorough understanding of what it means to be a servant leader, know how to practically apply biblical principles to their leadership style, and have the confidence to lead with excellence in any area of their lives.

Grading: Students will be graded on class participation, homework, presentations, projects, quizzes, and tests.
High School Credit: This course is the equivalent of one high school academic elective credit.

Grade Level: 9th – 12th  

Schedule: Friday, 12:00 – 1:30 PM

Term: September 8, 2023 – May 24, 2024

Price: $470 + $100 assessment fee.

The Art of Speaking Well

This introductory course teaches students classical rhetoric from a Christian perspective. The primary text is Fitting Words, published by Roman Roads. This course equips students with tools of communication and will teach the theory of using words well. Students will listen to and read past speeches, write essays and speeches, engage in class discussion, and present speeches.

Grading: Students will be graded on class participation, homework, essays, speeches, and tests.

High School Credit: This course is the equivalent of one high school credit in language arts.

Grade Level: 9th – 12th  

Schedule: Friday, 10:35 – 11:35 AM

Term: September 8, 2023 – May 24, 2024

Price: $470 Includes textbook and student workbook.

Spanish I

Spanish 1 is a course that introduces a student to the Spanish language that highlights a people, a language, and a culture outside of their own. Spanish is one of the world’s most prominent and fastest-growing spoken languages. In this class, we will build from introductions and beginning dialogue, read from written passages and stories, and utilize visual arts and media, thus enhancing our vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure. Following a Charlotte Mason teaching style, we will work from the known to build and form oral and written sentences. Embedded in this process, we construct a grammatical understanding of Spanish.  By developing language skills, one can begin to interact cross-culturally, learn another’s heart language, and assist in one’s English grammatical understanding.

Grading: Students will be graded on participation/effort, homework, quizzes & tests. 

Grade Level: 6th-12th, divided (as necessary)

Schedule: Tuesday / Thursday

Term: September 8, 2023 –May 24, 2024

Price: $470 includes student materials