Launching a Community at Kalos Christian Academy

Kalos Christian Academy and the Herzog SchoolBox

This time last year, launching Kalos Christian Academy (KCA) was just a dream.  As more families prioritized Christian education over public education, parents encountered long wait lists for many Christian schools in the Kansas City Northland.  Consequently, the demand for quality private Christian education was rising, and there weren’t enough seats to fill the need. That is when founder Amber Kaspar partnered with the Herzog SchoolBox to start Kalos Christian Academy.  Kaspar knew it would take a lot of time and energy and planned to open KCA’s doors in August 2024.  The SchoolBox proved to be an incredible resource, and after just a few months, KCA was ready to open its doors to its founding families.

Kalos Christian Academy was one of sixty-eight Herzog Foundation SchoolBox schools launched this year. In an article by the Herzog Foundation, Kaspar states,  “I can’t imagine starting a school without SchoolBox. The experience and wealth of information from those who have gone before us helped accelerate the process of starting Kalos Christian Academy. The SchoolBox courses helped create a structure to execute our school’s mission and vision, while the mentor shared wisdom to help refine each stage of the school launch process.”

Kalos Christian Academy’s Community

Kalos Christian Academy student leadership begins early.

“We knew that keeping our enrollment small this first year would help us refine our policies and procedures. Our goal is to serve families at the highest level, which meant implementing the ideal school on a small scale before a hard launch in September of 2024.”

Kalos Christian Academy had a soft opening in September of 2023 with six founding families enrolling students ranging from kindergarten to eleventh grade. “Our community is small but mighty, dedicated to praying for each other,  studying God’s Word together, and supporting each other.”  Kaspar continues, “My favorite part of this year is seeing discipleship in action, even at the kindergarten level.”

The design of the classrooms is intended to promote community. Students and teachers sit around tables, sing, discuss ideas, and much more. Kaspar explains, “Everything at Kalos is intentional; the atmosphere and the teachers play a huge part in the students’ experience. They must embody what is True, Good, and Beautiful just as much as the living educational content we present.”

Kalos Christian Academy is now accepting applications for transfer students for the second semester. Transfer students will need ot email to begin the admission process. Applications for new students for the 2024 – 2025 school year, Apply Today! .  If you want more information, call the office at 816.888.0839 or email

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